Buy-Back Programme

A special programme for Microsoft Customers

Upgrade to a new device for less

The Business Devices Buy-Back Program is easy to implement and benefits your business by stretching your technology budget further when you upgrade to a new device.

By trading in current devices – no matter their operating system or brand–you’ll receive a credit that helps offset the purchase price of your new devices.

Request Quote
Accept quote within 30 days of receipt
Devices collected - Please include proof of purchase in the package
Receive confirmation of trade–in value
Remove all data and refurbish or recycle old devices
Receive a payment

Is there a minimum number of trade-in devices?

Yes, the program is available to customers who trade in a minimum of 10 devices.

What devices do you accept for trade in?

The programme will accept trade ins of any tablets, phones or laptops no matter the operating system – not just windows devices.

Please provide a list of all the phones you wish to obtain a quote for. Alternatively please upload a file with this list.

* Your buy-back value is subject to the make, model and condition of your devices.